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Bunim & Bannigan Books

There's a crack in everything,
That's what lets the light in.
Leonard Cohen, Anthem   


Bunim and Bannigan titles are distributed to the trade by:

In the U.S.
Itasca Books
5120 Cedar Lake Road S
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Toll Free Orders: 1 800 901 3480

Mark Jung
Distribution Manager

In Canada
Nimbus Publishing
PO Box 9166
Halifax, NS B3K 5M8
Phone: 902 455-4286/1-800-646-2879
Fax: (902) 455-5440/1-800-235-3133

US and Canadian Discount Schedules and Terms:

Quantity: 5+
Returnable: 50-55%, FOB
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Terms: 90 days EOM

Retail Trade
Quantity: 5+
Non-Returnable: 50%, Free-Freight Eligible
Terms: 60 days EOM

Retail Distribution Center
Quantity: 5+
Returnable: 40%, FOB
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Non-Returnable: 50%, FOB
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Terms: 30 days EOM

Libraries, Catalog Resellers, and Specialty Accounts
Please Contact Itasco Customer Service 1 800 901 3480

Bunim & Bannigan titles are fully
returnable for 180 days after out of print
notification. Returns may shipped to:
Itasca Books Distribution
5120 Cedar Lake Rd. S
Minneapolis, MN 55416